1.1 This Client Agreement (hereinafter called the "Agreement") is made by the Royal Pure Gold L.L.C., providing services under Royal Pure Gold L.L.C trademark, (hereinafter called the "Company"), whose registered office is located at: 19 Razzakov Street, Bishkek – Kyrgyz Republic, registration number 180,181,182, and an individual or a legal entity (except for stateless persons; individuals under 18 years of age) (hereinafter called the "Client"). The Parties agree that providing of services and this Agreement are settled at the place, where the Company is registered.

1.2 This Agreement establishes mutual commitments of the Parties, which arise in the course of conversion arbitrage transactions with contracts for financial instruments in compliance with the Terms of Business.

1.3 The Company provides the Client with the following services:

  • 1.3.1 Opening of trading account;
  • 1.3.2 "Members Area" Service;
  • 1.3.3 Organization of the transactions and provision the facilities for the Client to make deals with contracts for financial instruments;
  • 1.3.4 Information & consulting services.

1.4 The Client has no right to ask the Company for trading recommendations or other information, which may motivate them to make transactions.

1.5 The Client has the right to register only one "Members Area".

1.6 The Client has the right to open not more than 50 trading accounts. In case the Client has already opened at least one real trading account, the Company has the right to restrict the opening of new accounts at its sole discretion.

1.7 The Company has the right to restrict or block access to "Members Area" in case the Client violates articles 1.5 and/or 1.6 of this Agreement.

1.8 The Company, at its own discretion, may provide the Client with trading recommendations or other information, but bears no responsibility over the impact and profit that these references and advice may cause.

1.9 The terms of this Agreement shall be considered accepted unconditionally by the Client upon the Company’s receipt of an advance payment made by the Client in accordance with this Agreement.

1.10 The terms used in this Agreement are determined in last section of this agreement – in "Terms and Interpretation".

1.11 Any Promo programs and related services which are provided by the Company and presented on its official website have their own rules and conditions which are described in the corresponding sections of the official website that has a force of amendment to this document.

1.12 The Company has the right to pay benefits to the Client and/or to third parties in accordance with the Partner Agreement. All necessary information (Terms and Conditions) is provided on the official website of the Company:


Moreover, the Company undertakes to disclose further details (clarification, calculations) at the request of the Client.

1.13 The Company has the right to, at any time and without any given reason, refuse to grant promotional benefit or cancel/write off the previously issued promotional benefit from the account, as well as revoke (cancel) all transactions that have been made with the use of the promotional benefit. This can be made in case of misuse of the benefit, manifest errors, abnormal market situations, etc. at own discretion of the Company.

1.14 Cryptocurrency trading and related operations are provided by Royal Pure Gold.

1.15 The official language of all documents of the Company is English. Translations of documents into other languages are provided for informative purposes only.

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